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This is the newest release. After more than 20 years, together with Tom Winter jr. and the band Amen as well as  my friends Peter Madan, Armund Daniel, Rita Abu Ghazaleh, Dorothee Thielman, and my son, Phillip Angelina, this album has become my favorite.
Check it out.


Live at the Theatercafé

This album is an unplugged live recording of a selection of songs from "AMEN 1" and "High on Fidelity" featuring Peter Madan on cello as well as a  guest appearance from Thomas Luck on guitar. 


High on Fidelity

The first recording of Angelina / Winter jr. songs. Tom Winter jr. joined forces with AMEN to produce this album true to its name with such songs as “Loving U”, “Thanks to you” and the last track with its 13 minute rendition of the book of Revelation out of the New Testament is truly a listening adventure.


John Angelina's "amen 1"

Recorded in London at the River Studios with producer Sandy McLelland, marks the beginning of John´s renaissance in music. After 20 years since recording in LA, John and the band put together their first album which would send them to a number of countries performing concerts as well as TV and radio appearances.