What started as a visit to my wife, Mirjana´s family, turned into a life mission for us.

In 1980 my wife and I had a desire to visit her home in Munich, Germany, but shortly before leaving, we both felt impressed that there was more to this trip than we could understand at the time. Upon arrival it became clear to us both that God wanted to use our lives to be a blessing to the people there in a way which we had never experienced before.  

When I met Mirjana, she was performing as an actress in various theaters within Germany before leaving her home to live with me in the USA. We had recently been married on June 1, 1979, but only one year later, we felt it was right to uproot our lives and move to a country and culture that was foreign to me. I had at that time never been to Europe, neither had I any understanding of the German language, but despite all that, we both were convinced that there was something special about to happen. 

Shortly after we had made the decision to stay in Munich, I was asked to teach a Bible study at a friend’s apartment. I had no formal training and up to that time, had never imagined my life in ministry, but as some say, “God does work in mysterious ways”.  

From that small beginning in November of 1980 until the present, the work of bringing the Gospel to our generation has not ceased and to our own amazement, has continued to grow over these last four decades, including establishing the church, Gospel Life Center, where every week hundreds of believers gather to worship and hear the Word of God; in 1984 a Bible school was established, equipping others to go out and minister, hosting international conferences with thousands in attendance,  as well as traveling to more than 35 nations ministering the Word of God. 

In 1992, Mirjana founded Gospel Art Studio, which incorporates a college for preforming arts, a production company that travels throughout Germany, performing the many plays that Mirjana has written, and being often asked to perform and speak at different Christian events throughout the nation. (Check out her work @

In the midst of all this in 1995, I was asked to join my dear friend Janny Grein, to play guitar alongside the legendary Mike Deasy, whose name was known to me from my LA rock and roll days. Mike had played with such greats as Elvis, The Beach Boys, The Mamas and the Papas, the Jackson Five and too many more to name here, and now I´m back in the studio recording what would be one of Janny’s final albums.  

Being back in the studio stirred something within me and before long I was traveling to London recording my first Album, “AMEN 1” with my friends Max (drums) and Paul (bass) Leutmayr and Mike Voglmeier (mad guitar). Together we would record a number of songs, release 4 albums including “High on Fidelity” and travel internationally doing concerts and sharing the message of the Gospel of Jesus with the audiences. 

If you´d like to hear me tell the whole story from childhood through those teenage years, unto LA and then my life changing experience with Jesus unto the present,  check out my Podcast "legacy" on my YouTube channel

For those who understand German, check out the church website as well as the YouTube channel @